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We are each molded by our experiences. 

How we use those experiences to keep learning and growing defines us.

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  I do not promote my Viewbug Portfolio so these peer awards mean a lot to me 

Qualifications / Publications 

Porch Pig is proud to have been featured in many publications here are just a few 

 Saddlebag Dispatches

Where Stories of the west come to be told. 

Oghma Creative Media

Galway Press is Oghma Creative Media’s western imprint, publishing novels or thematic short story collections embodying the culture of the western United States. These stories have themes of open country, unforgiving nature, struggles to survive and settle the land, freedom from authority, cooperation with fellow adventurers, and other experiences that human beings encounter in the frontier. Traditional westerns are set left of the Mississippi River and between the end of the American Civil War and the turn of the twentieth century. But the western isn’t limited to that time. The essence, though, is openness and struggle. These are happening now as much as they were in the years gone by.

The Naked Truth about Mules and Donkeys

Inside Pictorials.

Mule myths and untruths regarding the mule and donkey are dispelled, offering a thorough explanation as to the origin and what the true logical answer is. Logical training methods are explained to develop the mule into a safe and willing partner on the trail.

Horse Illustrated 2015

Dressage Mule showing versatility in western class

Dyna Does Dressage

Social Media Cover Photo

Dyna Does Dressage” is a documentary about the first mule ever to compete at the national level in the competitive equestrian sport of dressage.

Mules and More Magazine  

Mules and More Magazine covers all things Mules from events to training articles it is the perfect resource for both owners and enthusiasts alike. 

Porch Pig Productions is a regular contributor to Mules and More Magazine and have been honored to Have represented some of the world's finest mules on their front covers as well  

Saddle up Magazine 

Front Cover 2014

Mischka Press 

April page Mule Calendar 2014

2 photos yet to be determined 2015

3 photos 2016

Clinton National Championship Chuckwagon Races 

Cd Cover Front and Back 






Numerous Club folders and promotional flyers.

Free Lance work 

The Sports Zone Ky3

Misc. Local sporting events 

Welcome to the Porch

My name is Patricia Rustin,

5 years ago I made a decision, after spending many years on the road but rarely having the time to stop and enjoy where I was I decided my love for people, animals, travel,  and photography could be my passport to adventure. I have not been disappointed.

I truly enjoy people and environments from the docks in Hunts Point New York ,the hills of Arkansas to the Diversity of California. I believe in representing my subjects   in all their glory while remaining sensitive to censorship of what may be considered embarrassing as opposed to fun and amusing.

I enjoy children but love photographing  adults who very rarely have anyone to photograph them as they pursue their passions in life.

About our Hoaky Name

I never thought being referred to as Miss Piggy would be a compliment but it is. 

The  true story is I bottle raised a baby Pig named Hamlet that came from full sized breeding stock (Not a miniature)

Hamlet lived a carefree life learning  all the same commands as my Blue Heeler Tracker he enjoyed tagging along on trail rides, learned to move cows, and loved going for a swim in the river with me.  He also developed a taste for two of my Ex Husbands favorite things  roses and beer.  

The long and short of it is that by the time Hamlet reached 300 pounds my other half donated him to a BBQ while I was out of town. 

I used the name Porch Pig Productions as one and one part revenge  to give my ex indigestion for the rest of his natural born life  and one part humor to celebrate all the eclectic  joy that was Hamlet. It stuck 

People laugh at it but they don't forget it and that is why I am so proud when someone refers to me as Miss Piggy.

Go ahead and laugh at our name  I do all the time.  


I am always tickled when a Porch Pig image makes it into publications  like Mules And More Magazine and the others  listed in the right hand column but that is no greater of an honor than those that are framed on a customers wall. 


It is our policy to give a certain amount of images back to the events we photograph for promotional purposes at a reduced or complimentary rate 

After images are loaded to a sales gallery the watermarked images are placed on our Facebook page for an "After Party". Links leading back to the event are placed with the images so that potential new guests may learn more about the event being represented. Attendees are encouraged to Brag Tag and Share watermarked images on social media sites.

It is my policy to not photograph or load any image that could be misinterpreted or bring embarrassment to the event or the events guests.

 I am aware that an image unlike video  can be misconstrued when taken out of sequence..

I also use this policy trying to remain sensitive to guest interaction with one another

Porch Pig is about representing a sensational event not sensationalism..

When in doubt I ask.

Professional Courtesy

In no way is it our policy to want to compete with the "Official Event photographers" on site sales.

When an event photographer is willing I post a link to their photographs with my social media preview albums so that the purchasing "On Line Public" may see both before making a purchasing decision.

We all have different styles and a shot that appeals to one customer may not appeal to another.

When I am the event photographer I extend this courtesy to the freelance photographers as well. 


My portfolio is organized by a keyword.

When I like a particular image I put in the keyword and the images are randomly  displayed here.  You are always welcome to peruse my galleries if you are interested in a particular topic. Due to the fact I specialize in memories I warn you that in my Galleries I post a lot of images that other photographers may never admit to. 


Not every image is posted to sell some are posted to educate giving the viewer the opportunity to study their performance or  back up a story..

At times my  images have captured  the very last time two old friends spent time together.

When that happens  what the critics think becomes secondary, to the honor of capturing a sacred moment.

Due to the sensitive nature of many of my 4 legged subjects the vast majority of my photography both indoors and out is flash-less.

Thank God for modern technology and awesome equipment :)

Main Portfolio              Horses, Mules

Porch Pig Productions specializes in action, candid , event and  flash-less indoor photography.

 What I do is capture you and your guests  in motion. If not in motion occupied with any thought other than having a photo taken. My goal is to capture "you" not your likeness

Sporting events, Equestrian events, Racing Events, Rodeos,  Fights, festivals and pets are where Porch Pig can capture you in all your glory.

Action Photography

I am not bound by convention . I have to use unique methods to capture unique people. I will get down in the dirt and mud , lay in a creek or tie myself to the scaffolding if that is what it takes to get the shot.

 In my heart and eye everyone has a winning moment. that moment happens even if they don't take home the ribbons. Capturing that glory and what it took to get there is my goal.

For event promoters

My goal is simple.  I want to portray your event in the best light possible this includes not only the guests but the team that made it happen.

I want people to want to attend your next event.

Candid Photography

Why don't I take portraits? There is nothing worse for myself and many others than being told to hold still to have a photo taken. You get hot all over, your face freezes into some tortured grimace instead of a smile, you close your eyes, and it is horrible. I don't do this type of portrait photography because it tends to make me start to sympathize with the tortured and I find myself sharing their pain and wanting to close my eyes with them Will I take an unplanned shot where you and all your friends or loved ones get together really fast for a  photo?  Of course!  and they are usually "Fantastic even if I do say so myself.

Family Days 

Family picnics and fun days I love them because they cater to posing cowards such as myself. Eventually every one gets comfortable after eating and playing together and it all works out fine.

Flash-less indoor photography

When you request my services it is because you and your team or animal are moving towards a goal . I shoot flash-less for safety purposes. I do not want to ever spook an animal or blind an athlete. No photograph in the world is worth your safety or mine if you thought my flash cost you reaching your goal.


Non Traditional, outdoor weddings with a theme of fun, or daddy is holding a weapon call me and we can talk or I will be happy to recommend another photographer  .  

"Traditional" weddings"

Traditional weddings are beautiful but they are not my forte' unless the bride is chasing the groom .

Its your story tell it how you want to. We have the proof to back you up.

Order Number Order#_PIG_6559

Porch Pigs Greatest Honor

 Is being displayed in private homes across the country 

Patricia Rustin AKA Miss Piggy

  • Miss Piggy as a Soldier

    Miss Piggy as a Soldier

    I was a 62B Heavy Equipment Mechanic in the Army

  • Barefoot in an evening gowm

    Barefoot in an evening gowm

    Sometimes you just have to celebrate life with your friends barefoot in an evening gown to really appreciate how awesome it is. Try it you won't be disappointed

  • Miss Piggy as a Truck Driver

    Miss Piggy as a Truck Driver

    Yep Miss Piggy has toured the United States operating Semis, and participated in building more than one highway hauling asphalt.

  • Miss Piggy doing what she loves most

    Miss Piggy doing what she loves most

    Photographing the world around me amd capturing you at your best

  • Miss Piggy enjoys the symphony

    Miss Piggy enjoys the symphony

    I actually enjoy a lot of different music

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