My Name is Patricia Rustin, 

After spending the past 20 years travelling the United States in the commercial transportation industry and serving four years in the United States Army.

I decided I would find a career that allowed me the adventure and travel I love so much and a job description that allows me to actually stop and see more than the road signs of where I am. 

The fact that I hate to pose while my photo is taken has made me passionate about candid photography. 

The hours are longer, the pay is not as good, but being able to capture your memories is an honor that has made this a priceless adventure.

If you see me at an event please don't be shy come up and introduce yourself. 

If you are approached by a 6 foot amazon looking woman with a camera who thinks she recognizes you it is probably because  I spend hours editing  after an event and just need an introduction to put a name to that photo of you. 

Keep Making Memories 


Whats with the hoaky name?

hamlet and tracker 2


 I had the cutest baby pig named Hamlet you ever saw. I raised him on a bottle , he learned basic obedience while I trained my Australian Cattle Dog Tracker, slept on the porch with my dogs, chased the UPS man once,  loved to go swimming with me in the river by where we lived  and would even trail ride and help herd cows if it was not to hot. 

He also developed a taste for my husbands roses and beer. By the time he was well over 300 lbs he really liked roses and beer

Needless to say that while I was out of town the neighbors had a BBQ with a pig donated by my husband.

This is my way of giving him indigestion for the rest of his natural born life! 

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