Basic Prices

**Prices are subject to change.

 Please note that our prices are subject to change based on the event location and sponsor of our services.

When our services are procured by a sponsor  the sponsor has the option to set the prices over the basic prices.

I will let you know if there is a price change in the events preview gallery.

Standard Sizes

4x6 $3.75

5x 7 $ 7.50

8x10 $10.00

11x14 $14.00

16x20 $24.50

20x30 $39.00

8 wallet $6.00

Non Standard choices are available in sales gallery.

Digital Downloads

Web (profile images) 640x480 MPIXS $2.50

Lower-res 1Mpix $8.00

screen-savers, 4x6 prints and small gifts

High-Res 4Mpix $10.00

 Quality printing at most standard sizes 

Original $25.00

It is the original size of the image we originally loaded, identical in every way.

**Additional gifts , print sizes and products to include framing and ready to hang options are available at checkout .

**Preview your order before completing purchase**

You will have a chance to preview your order at final checkout.

 Always preview each size and image ordered before completing purchase. If an image does not fit properly contact me and I will re-crop and re-load it for you .

Camera makers and frame makers have yet to standardize their sizes with one another.  

Porch Pig approved affiliate sponsors. 

Porch Pig affiliate sponsors help us keep print costs down by advertising on our site.

These sponsors are hand picked by "Porch Pig" for products and services we hope will help enhance life's adventures 

They even take care of pet pigs, reptiles, birds, and livestock.

Mules and More Magazine

Equestrian Collections Fly Masks

The Ozarks loves their pets. 

If you would like to learn more about exciting all breeds events I encourage you to contact the following associations

Dog Agility association of the Ozarks

Springfield, Missouri Dog Training Club, Inc.

Paws Express


Horse and mule, lovers you live in the right place!  We use them to enjoy our state parks, drive them on our highways , train them as therapy animals, compete in various events  and still use their valuable skills for ranch work. 

We love them so much we have a whole festival dedicated to them . 

If you want to know all about the local equestrian scene we  encourage you to attend Horse Fest 

Reining training 

Southwest Missouri Reining Horse Association 

Right Lead Ranch 

English Disciplines 

Stokely Farms 

Southwest Missouri Hunter Jumper Association

Find your Children, your pets, your vehicle and even yourself with Pocket Finder

PF Personal 2

Porch Pig Productions is proud to have Pocket Finder as an affiliate sponsor visit their site and learn why.

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