Thank you to all of the contestants of the
    2015 Bishop Mule Days Celebration
    For making these images possible

      For more images of
      2015 Bishop Mule Days Celebration
      Please visit Mule Days
      Official Event Photographer David Calverts Website

        To learn more about Bishop Mule Days
        Video Mike

        'After Party"
        "The Outlaw Nation".
        Hit the logo
        Crank it up and enjoy the previews.
        It's all about you

        They're not paying me
        It's that
        "Southern Rock, Real country
        Red Dirt"

      Plans starting at
      $65.00 a year

      Southern Style Mule Company

      Southern Style Mule Company

These Images are not for sale .

They are a sincere thank you for all that you do.

Without you there would be no event to photograph. 

If you would like a copy with one or more of these images please contact me with the image numbers and I will be happy to send you the download to have printed on anything that will hold still

Please note this is not complete if you find an image of yourself in another gallery please send me the image number and the gallery where you found it and I will be happy to send you a download. 

All my very best 

Keep Making memories 

Patricia Rustin 

**Previews May be slow to load depending on internet connection.

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