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Southern Style Mule Company

Southern Style Mule Company

Midwest Walking Horse Trainers association

These images are your free of charge

Please read the following

I attended this event as a curiosity and for the sole purposes of practicing photographing the unique way in which this breed moves. I had spent the first part of the afternoon at a rodeo.

I have been fascinated by walking horses and their training for quite some time and wanted to witness this unique breed first hand. As with any new genre it takes practice to photograph what makes your subject unique. I was in no way prepared for the beauty I witnessed or to be photographing in that particular arena. I usually make a field trip or arrive a couple hours early when shooting in a new place.

I can not in all good consciousness charge you for these images as they lack the education and quality that I strive to provide.

I have made these images right click accessible and should any of them represent you and your animal in a flattering manner they are yours to use for personal and promotional purposes. I consider this tuition.

I would like to practice photographing this  breed again at a training facility preferably in an outdoor arena until I can become comfortable with the cadence of their gate and body language. I would then like to move to an indoor arena where I can set my equipment to capture you in a more difficult lighting situation. In return for this privilege I will be happy to give back some images to your facility.

I will be in California working my way to Wyoming from May 14th until the end of June photographing Mules and perhaps some Indy cars and whatever else strikes my interest at all points in between. I would love to schedule a few hours with any barn within the Springfield area interested during weekdays in the month of July.

Regardless of your final decisions on my offer it was a thrill and privilege to photograph you and your amazing athletes.

My sincere thanks to you for your humor and patience 

Patricia Rustin 

MWHTA Midwest Walking Horse Trainers Association

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