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In case you missed it in the initial folder I attended this event to gain permission to practice photographing this breed . It was a sheer coincidence I ended up in the arena with you.

I can not sell you these images for they do not represent the education and quality I strive to provide.  I can give them to you and have turned off the right click protection. They are yours to use for personal and promotional purposes. 

I was told that these were close to the type of traditional images that best represents your sport. 

Please see the between the gates gallery for the non traditional images that show what I found to be the astounding unrepresented beauty of this breed. 

It is my understanding that I should have photographed the outside leg up and that is truly a matter of rewiring my brain and practicing more shoots to learn the cadence and body language of this breed and the changing of the weight of the shoes. 

I generally have striven for just the opposite and my muscle memory proved that I need a lot more practice with these amazing animals. 

I encourage you to go through the second album if you do not find yourself in the first. 

Thank you all so much

Patricia Rustin 

**Previews May be slow to load depending on internet connection.

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