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Dear members,

Please educate me.

Why is this aspect of the breed not promoted? 

They are what every girl dreams of and what every gentleman imagines

During the editing of the images from this event I realized the true beauty of this breed was not represented in the traditional material I studied before witnessing them in person.

I understand that as trainers and aficionados of the breed that you are looking to represent the final step. As an individual who owns more traditional horses I am sure it comes as no surprise that to the uneducated layman the gate does appear somewhat odd at first.

That being said the true romantic beauty of how that gate is accomplished brought to mind the  unreasonable fantasy we expect all breeds to live up to and the realization that their is an attainable breed that can meet the definition of that fantasy

In one photo they look like something wild as if carried by the wind, in the next image they bring to mind the light Calvary horses of old, then it changes again and you would swear if the riders were in a different costume you were looking at a mount representing the finest Spain has to offer.

As I stated I realize the traditional images are necessary to promote what makes this breed unique but as I edited and other friends came by and saw what I was editing the term " I'll be damned I had no idea they were so beautiful" was mentioned every time a non traditional image came up to be edited. 

In Closing I would like to state that of all the breeds and genres I have photographed none until now have truly represented an attainable luxury horse that has the poise, comfort and grace of this breed. I sincerely hope that you will allow me to strive towards taking traditional images of this breed again and also consider allowing the rest of the worlds horse enthusiasts and potential new owners imaginations run wild at the beauty that transpires between the gates.

I will individually respect your decisions on this matter and appreciate your patience and consideration.

These images are yours to right click and use for personal and promotional purposes as you see fit. 

Should you need a letter of release I will be happy to provide one. 

Again I thank you for your patience and the unexpected privilege of practicing capturing your unique sport  inside of the ring.

Keep making memories 

Patricia Rustin


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