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**Please Note
Due to the fact there is a camp photographer at the Flying R I had a chance to experiment with panning for this event.
I wanted to capture just how fast you all go I hope you like the results if not please check out the Flying Rs website for their camp photographers images .. Thank you Patty

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I am here for you and will be happy to re-crop the original Raw(negative) image for a custom size , load a custom gallery in your name, personalize prints with lettering, create a **collage with prints you choose, or order the images you select for you.

If you have any problems or are uncomfortable ordering on line don't hesitate to contact Patricia via ,email Facebook message, or by phone. I will be be happy to walk you through the process or take your order for you.

Keep making memories
Patricia Rustin


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This Gallery has been created in order for you to see that Porch Pig Productions photography is about capturing you at your candid best not just posing for pretty pictures. The dirtier the event the harder you are living and laughing the better. We want to capture memories that just can't be recreated in a studio setting. The genre of the event does not matter as much as the participants passion for it.  

It does not have to be all dirt and high adrenaline we love those quiet moments as well capturing a father and daughter, the apprehension before an event, a stolen kiss between lovers are all a part of what makes these events memorable.   

It is an honor to capture these moments both for the event and the fantastic individuals that make them happen.  

You are welcome click on the link to turn on The Outlaw Radio Station and peruse the other galleries if you would like to see other photos. But when you are done go out and make a memory of your own.

All my best, 

Patricia Rustin 

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