It was a huge honor to once again attend the 49th annual Bishop Mule Days Celebration.

If you won a frame send me the event album name and photo number you want and I will send you the digital for it to have printed wherever you like. You are welcome to choose from a different year but please let me know the year when you make your request or I will be pulling my hair out looking for it.

I did my best to get at least a couple images of every mule in some fashion. My dad is still recovering from his illness this year and was not up to his usual camera coverage of many of the events that we split up so running from class to class and ring to ring was the best my legs would do. You were all fantastic and the mules were well ...absolutely brilliantly presented at their best showing off what I believe is their greatest asset "versatility" .. 

Keep making memories 


2018 Bishop Mule Days Celebration

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