2019 Bishop Mule Days Celebration - Porch Pig Productions

Please read before ordering

I am loading the final images for a 16x24 Maximum print size in order to speed up the loading process.If you want a large print past 16 X 24 or an adjusted crop for a canvas please let me know the print size you want and the image number so that I can adjust the crop size and the image size . If you order a "large" format digital download for a larger personal use  project please let me know so that I may send you a larger Download at no additional cost to meet your needs.

Please note that I have kept the prices the same for 8x10 and 8x12 prints. 2x3 is my standard crop Ratio  most customers order 4x6 prints and this streamlines the editing process.  Occasionally there are images set to a square or panoramic crop ratio IE stretched out subject matter " Think Team Roping when they get the cow stretched out in the middle.  or Square because it is more suitable for the image.

Galleries are loading If a gallery is empty it is waiting to load images.  As many of you know patient souls know it is a long process with my rural internet but it is so worth it for the proof to back up  bragging rights :) 

I know I missed quite a few of you with the way the schedules ran together this year. Halter contestants please visit Diane Grimes at the AMA website. 

Thank you all so much for having me back this year

I hope you had as much fun as I did capturing you 

Keep Making memories 

2019 Bishop Mule Days Celebration

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