If you want a large print past 16 X 24 or an adjusted crop for a canvas please let me know the print size you want and the image number so that I can adjust the crop size and the image size . If you order a "large" format digital download for a larger personal use  project please let me know so that I may send you a larger Download at no additional cost to meet your needs

Please note that I have kept the prices the same for 8x10 and 8x12 prints. 2x3 is my standard crop Ratio  most customers order 4x6 prints and this streamlines the editing process. 

Occasionally there are images set to a square or panoramic crop ratio IE stretched out subject matter " Think Team Roping when they get the cow stretched out in the middle.  or Square because it is more suitable for the image .


2021 National Championship Chuckwagon Races

Please note,


 I started with "Race Sunday" and a few of the other events I was able to edit while recovering from this bout of pneumonia. 

The following galleries will only contain images I captured and edited.

Not all of the photos you saw at the Photo Trailer will be available.

Due to time constraints, the high volume of images taken by the "Photo Trailer crew" and piracy over the internet, the rest of the crew have chosen not to make their images available online.

Andy said "The Photo Trailer" will be bringing back what they took this year to the 2022 National Championship Chuckwagon Races.

"I enjoy sharing pre-views with all of you and ask that if you see any of my images being pirated through printed screenshots etc. That you ask them to consider the work that went into that image or send the person to me at the next event. If they can carry my gear and keep up with me for a couple of hours  I will gladly trade them a legitimate personal use digital in trade for the labor. 

   They don't have to edit for weeks after they get home, miss work, soak bloody socks off their feet, or any of the extras just keep up and carry my gear. 

It's a bargain! :)

The Photo trailer crew including myself would like to thank you all. 

Improvements next year will be made from what was learned this year.


I Thank you all for the honor of capturing you all again this year,

The comradery' the waters, the sense of humor, and the hugs make it worth every step I take out there

Keep Making Memories

You crazy beautiful rascals :) 

love Miss Porch Piggy

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