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GIMP Is the "Free" Photoshop alternative and yours to keep!

The Perfect affordable combination for photo editing and Graphic design.

This powerful combination is great for all skill levels from novice to pro.

Gimp offers more than photo editing tools with GIMP you can paint, draw, customize T shirt designs Create printable tattoos.. scrapbook designs etc.

You can use Gimp to make professional graphics, logo’s, banners, and more. 

Gimp is an industry recognized tool used by 1000′s of  professionals!

Is GIMP  hard to learn?

Not if you combine it with the 7 day free membership with

Like any tool GIMP has a learning curve but combined with Lynda.coms Free 7 day trial   you can take the 4 hour and 44 minute "Gimp essential training course and then spend the rest of the time refining your GIMP techniques or taking any of the other classes offers.

7-day free trial

Why is GIMP free? 

Gimp is what is known as open source software.

Gimps is very similar Photoshop but free!

You can use Gimp to make professional graphics, logo’s, banners, and more Gimp is an industry recognized tool used by 1000′s professionals!

Download GIMP for windows here                For other Mac, Linux and more here 

Why Does Porch Pig promote ?

The short answer is like many others I have a great amount of trouble learning.  

The main answer is I was able to learn using Lynda.coms format. classes are well thought out and structured towards learning.  "Beginner" truly means beginner!

 I turn on the video, and utilize the the closed captioning otption so that I can listen, watch, read and do!.

Lynda.coms instructors are approachable and usually answer your questions within 24 hours.  I have yet to meet a traditional instructor with a rewind or pause button let alone a closed captioning bubble above their head

I could go on and on about why I value but try the 7 day free trial in combination with the GIMP software and see for yourself what makes my preferred alternative education choice. 

 Is  affordable ?

Yes !!

A basic month to month membership for all the classes you want to take is $25.00 per month! A premium month to motnth mebership Is 37.50 ( premium memberships include downloadable lesson files!

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