Basic Prices

**Prices are subject to change.

 Prices are subject to change based on the event location and sponsor of our services.

Out of state events have a slight price increase 

 Digital Downloads Personal Use 

Get creative with digital downloads you have full control to choose any printing genre and vendor you choose. 

The best option for getting the most out of your images

We offer 4 different sizes of digital downloads

that can be reused  and re-edited for personal purposes. 

To learn more please please visit our  Digital Download FAQ

For amazing open source free editing software and a free class on how to use it 

Please visit "Porch Pig U"

Web (profile images) $2.75

Best use: Lower-res 640x480 MPIXS

 1Mpix $8.00

Best use: Larger editable profile images, screen-savers, and small prints

 and small gifts

High-Res  4Mpix  $15.00  

Best use: Quality printing at most standard sizes

 Original $25.00

It is the original size of the image we  loaded, identical in every way.

Downloadable Galleries prices vary

Downloadable Galleries can be made available upon request per individual.

Due to our more relaxed  "Personal Use Rights" 

Our Private Downloadable Gallery prices are quoted. 

These Galleries are in the "original" loaded  format

Please contact me with the image numbers you wish to purchase and I will send you a quote if you like the price I will customize a gallery in your name. 

Commercial Use Digital Downloads

Original uploaded Photo  $400.00 

Plus a copy of the RAW or Original un-cropped photo included in price and will be shipped tp you  on request.

Other sizes available

Please Contact us. 


Standard Sizes

4x6    $3.75

5x 7   $ 7.50

8x10 $10.00

11x14  $14.00

16x20 $24.50

20x30 $40.00

8 wallet $6.00

Non Standard choices are available in sales gallery

**Additional gifts ,

Non Standard print sizes and products to include framing and ready to hang options are available in our galleries.

Prices do not include shipping handling and sales tax :) 

**Preview your order before completing purchase**

You will have a chance to preview your order and make slight crop adjustments at final checkout. 

Always preview each size and image ordered before completing purchase. If an image does not fit properly contact me with the event , image number and size desired .

I will re-crop and re-load it for you .

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