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Porch Pig Productions specializes in action, candid and flash-less indoor event photography. 

What I do is capture you and your guests  in motion. If not in motion occupied with any thought other than having a photo taken. 

My goal is to capture "you" not your likeness

Sporting events, Equestrian events, Racing Events, Rodeos,  Fights, festivals and pets  are where Porch Pig can capture you in all your glory.

Action Photography

I am not bound by convention . I have to use unique methods to capture unique people. I will get down in the dirt and mud , lay in a creek or tie myself to the scaffolding if that is what it takes to get the shot. 

In my heart and eye everyone has a winning moment. that moment happens even if they don't take home the ribbons. Capturing that glory and what it took to get there is my goal.  

For event promoters my goal is simple 

I want to portray your event in the best light possible this includes not only the guests but the team that made it happen. I want people to want to attend your next event. 

Candid Photography

Why don't I take portraits? There is nothing worse for myself and many others than being told to hold still to have a photo taken. You get hot all over, your face freezes into some tortured grimace instead of a smile, you close your eyes, and it is horrible.

I don't do this type of portrait photography because it tends to make me start to sympathize with the tortured and I find myself sharing their pain and wanting to close my eyes with them 

Will I take an unplanned shot where you and all your friends or loved ones get together really fast for a  photo?  Of course!  and they are usually "Fantastic even if I do say so myself.

Family Days 

Family picnics and fun days I love them because they cater to posing cowards such as myself. Eventually every one gets comfortable after eating and playing together and it all works out fine.

Flashless indoor photography

When you request my services it is because you and your team or animal are moving towards a goal . I shoot flash-less for safety purposes. I do not want to ever spook an animal or blind an athlete. No photograph in the world is worth your safety or mine if you thought my flash cost you reaching your goal.  


My Wedding style is Journalistic and I am extremely cautious about which weddings I will accept. If I do not feel I will be a good fit for your vision I will happily recommend another photographer

Basic Services

2 Hour minimum

Event Invitational

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Invitational Event Package 

This is our most popular event package and is a win for everyone!

$150.00 Per 8 hour day 50.00 per hour after 8 hours

You invite us to an event and cover entry fees , passes and lunch . If applicable, You provide *mileage outside of a 50 mile radius, and lodging outside of a 100 mile radius.  We promote your event on our Facebook page, , We post previews to Facebook giving credit to the event and a link to your website or Facebook page where interested parties can learn more. Your guests can brag tag and share watermarked images of all the fun they had to their hearts content or purchase their favorites from us . We retain the sales and copyright.

Your Event is gets a discounted price of $15.00 each on up to 5 full sized printable digital downloads for website and printed promotional.

Please note this price does not include commercial resale rights.            

Event promotional


Event promotional Package $300.00

$300.00 up to 8 hours. $50.00 Per Hour after 8 hours Your event covers the entry fees and access passes. If applicable, You provide *mileage outside of a 50 mile radius, and lodging outside of a 100 mile radius.

Pre -event we post your event information to our Facebook page, , local news calendar and our website. with links back to your information pages for guests to learn more.

We retain sales rights. During the event We arrive early to capture the event as it unfolds. Volunteers, Guests, Vendors and the main event itself are all photographed. We try to keep it candid but are tickled when true posers show up in the shot. We do our best to make your event a cherished memory for those who participated and attended.

Many of the photos taken will never sell in our gallery but they will help sell the spirit of your event for next year and that is good for everyone.

Post-event We edit and post all watermarked image previews in a sales gallery, the previews are then exported to our Facebook page with Links back to your events website or social media page. Our sales gallery also lets guests share watermarked previews with non Facebook users through email and twitter. Bragging, tagging and sharing of preview images is encouraged.

**All previews will have links back to your event site and to Porch Pigs sales gallery. **We retain the full copyright on all images except the 10 digital images and 1 digital poster included in the Package .

Images included in Price You will be provided with up to 10 website edited digital images These images may be used for promotional purposes and printing . These will include a custom watermark, metadata of your events choosing. 1 Digital poster on a basic background with your name and the date of next years event that you can have printed will also be included in the price. Letter of release for your 10 images and poster ** an extra 2 images may be selected for every hour after 8 hours.

** Does not include commercial resale rights

Family Package

Family Packages Custom Starting at $150.00

Family photos are a walk in the park 2 hours 150.00

Bring a Picnic Bring your pets

Family Times are important mile markers and we try our best to keep them affordable.

Go to a little League or softball game or Bring a Picnic and go to the park.!

Pets are not only welcomed they are encouraged from horses to reptiles we love them all. 

Family times can be family reunions, Birthdays, or special mile markers.

Getting the whole family to pose is rough so we start with some candid shots and once everyone is comfortable we have some fun posing.

Package includes 10 digital images edited and ready for you to download from a private password protected gallery and have printed with any service you choose. (Letter of release included on disc) Remaining images will be edited and made available in a separate private password protected sales gallery where yourselves, family and friends may purchase prints and digital downloads at a reasonable price. Gallery can have share settings turned on so that watermarked previews can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, or through email. Images can be customized for personal use. 

Dads and what we term pose-phobics( Porch Pigs head sow Patty included) tend to do very well with our baited approach to the family Photo.

All Inclusive


All inclusive Package  $1100.00 per 8 hour day 

$500.00 first 3 hours $1100.00 per 8 hour day Images

75.00 per hour  after 8 hours

25% Booking deposit due the day of the event

Balance due at time of delivery. 

 If applicable, You provide *mileage outside of a 50 mile radius, and lodging outside of a 100 mile radius.

All inclusive is just that! Fund raising, merchandising? *Your event owns all of the rights to these digital images.

You can sell them use them for commercial memorabilia purposes advertising etc .

 We will help promote your event should you choose Pass out your business cards where you will have the photos made available

Rates include


ALL Raw Files (negatives) even the ones that did not turn out so good High resolution Jpgs Cropped to either a 5x7 or 2x3 ( good for most sizes including posters. )

Images loaded onto your hard drive

 Once images are processed they will be loaded onto a *hard drive that you provide and will be erased from my computer or if the hard drive is provided ahead of time will never be placed on my computer.  

* I recommend a 1TB external hard drive . Raw files are huge.

Images will be processed within 2 to 10 days from the last day we attended the event. We want you to be happy with your investment and will take our time working with you during the editing process.

Customer Support

We will also be happy to help you find a print fulfillment company to make your photos available to customers.

Should your end customer desire something different we will extend our services to you for editing at the family rate of $25.00 per hour or help you locate free software where you can make revisions yourself on the Jpgs and perhaps the the Raw files depending on what open source software is currently available.

If you already have the software and it is a program I am familiar with, phone calls for advice are free and we will see if together we can point you in the right direction. I highly recommend that you edit your images with Photoshop CC . Photoshop CC may be rented from Adobe for 29.99 per month with no annual contract.

Not satisfied? If for any reason you do not like the quality or style of the images we will retain the images and full copyrights to include right to sell the images in lieu of payment. Lack of payment will void the full us status of your images. Retainer Mileage ,lodging, transportation, event passes, hard drives and misc.expenses are not included in the price and are non -refundable .

Please contact us for further inquiries or to request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you and wish your event all the success you worked for no matter who you decide to use. Discounted rates are available at our discretion for select charitable organizations .

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