Event promotional Package $250.00

$250.00 up to 6 hours. $50.00 Per Hour after 8 hours  

Your event  covers the entry fees and access passes, if applicable, travel and lodging expenses outside of a 30 mile radius and Lunch 

Pre -event

we post your event information to our Facebook page, our Gig Salad Calendar, local news calendar and our website. with links back to your information pages for guests to learn more. We retain sales rights.

During the event

We arrive early to capture the event as it unfolds. Volunteers, Guests, Vendors and the main event itself are all photographed. We try to keep it candid but are tickled when true posers show up in the shot. We do our best to make your event a cherished memory for those who participated and attended.

 Many of the photos taken will never sell in our gallery but they will help sell the spirit of your event for next year and that is good for everyone. 


We edit and post all watermarked image previews in a sales gallery, the previews are then exported to our Facebook page with Links back to your events website or social media page. Our sales gallery also lets guests share watermarked previews with non Facebook users through email and twitter. Bragging, tagging and sharing of preview images is encouraged.  **All previews will have links back to your event site and to Porch Pigs sales gallery.

**We retain the full copyright on all images except the 10 digital images and 1 digital poster  included in the Package . 

Images included in Price

You will be provided with up to 10 website edited digital images

These images may be used for promotional purposes and printing .

These will include a custom watermark, metadata of your events choosing. 

1 Digital poster on a basic background with your name and the date of next years event that you can have printed will also be included in the price. 

Letter of release for your 10 images and poster

** an extra 2 images may be selected for every hour after 8 hours. 

Event Promotional Preview Gallery

Event promotional Package 150.00 Per day + expenses

Event promotional Package 150.00 Per day + expenses

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