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Event and Family Packages

We offer 4 basic Packages.  

Our most popular "Event invitational Package" is for "events" only   and is basically free  or with a minimal charge depending on your location. The "Invitational Package" is a great way to promote your event.

This Package is available for public events only .

For family events please see our family package

We have priced our packages with affordability to our customers and their guests in mind.

Your event whether public or private is about making memories.We do our best to capture not only the main participants but  the spirit of the event. From the staff and volunteers to your guests we want to show the world what makes your event memory worthy.

If for any reason we are not sure if a photo portrays an event in a positive light the event coordinator is  contacted to preview the image before posting.

Password Protected Private Galleries are available for family all inclusive and all Child based events . The sharing options may be left off or turned on after the event has been previewed The Password is given out to the individual or representative  who contracts our services   and only given out by that individual at their discretion.  

To view details and example  Packages  please  Follow the Links Below                           

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Sponsored Custom  Promotional Package ©Porch Pig Productions

Sponsored Custom Promotional Package ©Porch Pig Productions

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